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Go to the temple or a shrine on the Setsubun day, 3rd of February, it is amazingly fun. Men dressed in devilish outfit, food bazaar, traditional game of ‘catch the goldfish’, ….,

setsubun2 setsubun1setsubun3

With some friends from my Japanese class, we went to the Yoshinda Jinja (shinto shrine) and watched children running and crying hysterically avoiding the ‘devils’. This festival is, again, a Shinto and Buddhist tradition to drive evil spirits. On the evening celebration, beans are thrown while simultaneously chanting “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” which means “Evil spirits on the outside and good luck on the inside”.

On this day, eat fukumame and the same amount of beans as your age, you will stay healthy throughout the year. Although, I lost count of the beans and ate the whole package.

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