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(other than the obvious signs..)

1. Restaurants stop serving cold noodles

2. The vending machines sell hot drinks

3. The toilet seats are automatically warm (see: toilet)

4. Every convenient store sells ‘oden’

5.They light things up


**In summer, vending machines (jidouhanbai) sells cold drinks only (blue buttons), in winter, half of them changed to hot drinks (red buttons)geniuses!!


**Oden; delicious, healthy and warm. Available practically everywhere in winter!

oden(image from wikimedia)

**The Japanese llloove light-ups, in winter you’ll find more of it. From left to right, light up at Kyoto Station, Kiyomizudera, Kobe illumination, Ginza-Tokyo.

dsc03784 dsc00517 dsc08293 dsc00441

no snow yet in Kyoto, but we know winter is here!


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